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Simple Steps to Disable McAfee Firewall

McAfee firewall is sold as a built-in part of several McAfee antivirus apps namely McAfee Antivirus Plus 2012/11 and McAfee Internet Security etc.. If you happen to encounter an issue with your wireless or network connection, you might think about disabling McAfee anti virus. So, here’s a free McAfee firewall service manual for you. It helps you disable McAfee firewall application.

Steps To Disable McAfee Firewall


McAfee Antivirus Plus 2012/11 along with McAfee Internet Security

The user interface for all these 3 antivirus programs is very similar. Therefore, it is simple to turn firewall off in all those 3 programs you’re using. Double-click the icon to start the McAfee anti virus console. The display that will open today will be anything from the title Security Center, Internet Security, or Antivirus Plus 2012/11 based on the sort of McAfee program you’ve got.

On the Home screen, you will realize the safety status of your PC. Have a look at the third choice that is Firewall: On. It signals that the firewall has been switched on. Click on the angle signal alongside Firewall: On. Click on the Preferences link on the ideal hand side. You will realize the firewall status. Click on the Turn button. When prompted for an affirmation and activity to turn the firewall back on, pick a period of time in the drop-down arrow. It is possible to pick any time period in the provided choices. If you wish to disable the firewall select Never then hit the Switch button.

Search for the M icon from the system menu, right-click onto it, and then select Personal Firewall in the drop-down alternatives. As an alternative, you may double-click on the M icon to start the McAfee Security Center console. When from the console, start looking for individual Firewall or private Firewall+ (depending upon your version) from the left hand panel and then click on it. You will notice the history and status of the firewall application. Examine the top where it says’Private Firewall or Personal Firewall Plus is presently protecting your PC. Click disable, the underlined link. Verify the action if motivated.

Click on the Firewall protection is empowered strip. Click on the Off button. When prompted, choose a time interval to turn the firewall back and then hit the OK button. You are able to select Never in the drop-down arrow in the event that you would like to switch off the firewall indefinitely.

Added Tips:

You have to re-enable firewall following your problem has solved. Get in touch with a McAfee technical assistance or McAfee antivirus support service if firewall does not turn off and lead to additional troubles.

In case you have any difficulty whilst doing the above measures and require technical support for McAfee service, You can just give a call on McAfee Antivirus Phone Number to talk to the customer support team of the company. Also you can write about your problems to the support team on their official mail. Also you can read here about the various operational problems that user’s of McAfee antivirus do face, visit General McAfee Antivirus Functional Glitches. Hope this article was helpful.

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