Steps to Uninstall McAfee Legacy Software

The Article aims to help users understand what a McAfee heritage program is and the way they could eliminate it. The methods explained in the article are easy and dependable enough to be carried out by yourself. This basically means you shouldn’t take assistance of your McAfee technical assistance providers.

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A McAfee legacy application is a tiny built-in element (document ) of the McAfee anti virus or alternative McAfee programs. Being an integrated part, the heritage app gets automatically installed onto your computer when you set up the planned McAfee program. The heritage application frequently interferes with different programs running in your pc, hampers the online connectivity, or even downloads and installs other programs without your approval. Because it’s known that you’ve already made a decision to eliminate the application from your pc, let us begin. The aforementioned self guide will enable your to eliminate the desirable app without facing any issue. In any case you can contact McAfee support assistance using McAfee phone number. Otherwise just follow the directions given below.

Directions :-

  • First, Make sure that you’ve uninstalled all of the desired McAfee apps from the computer using the conventional process.
  • Click the Downloads Save the document into a place in your computer where it’s readily reachable from.
  • When Done, find the file, double click it and operate. The application will automatically begin removing all of the concealed McAfee legacy apps in your PC. Doing this might not allow these programs be completely removed from the PC.

When completed, Click the Yes Button or whatever choice you visit there to move and allow the computer reboot. After the computer has restarted, find the file called ‘mccleanup.log’ (it may be there in your desktop computer or you may look for it with the Windows Search utility), right click it and pick Delete in the drop down menu. This will completely get rid of the heritage app (s) from the PC. If you’d like, visit the Recycle Bin and then delete it from there too. You might even contact your McAfee aid & support assistance, provide them the log specifics of the document (before eliminating them ), and affirm that it was completely eliminated from the system.

If still you are not able to uninstall the McAfee Legacy software than contact McAfee technical assistance. The technical support executives will help you out in getting the software un-installed. McAfee provides 24*7 support services. If you want to read about various compatibility issues that McAfee antivirus might have in your computer/laptop visit Compatibility Issues McAfee Antivirus.

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