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Top 10 valuable advantage of Office 365 for Small Businesses

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most efficient and essential software tools used by businesses and enterprise for managing their workforce in the cloud. It is equipped with all the features and considers as a single stop for all solution. From data sharing, email, calendars, conferencing to analytics, it can easily access and from any time and anyplace.

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All in One Productivity Tool:

It is the premier product of Microsoft Family, which is one of the biggest IT companies across the globe. Microsoft has used this product in-house before launching it in front of the world.

Microsoft Office 365 comes with many interesting useful features like Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Excel and OneNote.

We have picked some top benefits of Microsoft 365 for small-scale businesses:

  1. Anytime accessible: Office 365 allows you to access emails, docs, calendars and contacts on any device like Mac, PCs, Android etc. You can work from any location at any time. If you are traveling somewhere and need your documents, then just open your web browser and manage all work.
  2. Robust Email and Outlook App: Office 365 provides features like 50 GB mailbox along with attachments facilities up to 25 MB.
  3. Safe and Secure: Office 365 is built on the robust principles of security and privacy. The security features in Office 365 are data loss prevention, customized access restrictions which help to manage over companies data. Its default privacy control deliver encryption along with multi-factor authentication that makes sure complete transparency regarding the data.
  4. Easy to use: The biggest reason for Office 365 popularity among professional is, it is easy to learn. A user doesn’t need to learn much about complicated software.
  5. Don’t need advanced IT knowledge: Office 365 is specially designed for non-IT organizations. Users do not need any advanced IT knowledge. A person can easily focus on the business without thinking about technicalities and menus. It also has an online portal that helps you to learn step by steps instruction on the use of the setup and how to add users.
  6. Flexible for Business: Office 365 comes with cost-effective pricing options to give flexibility to your business. It allows the users to choose among various plans according to the requirements. Some small businesses can’t afford expensive plans. Office 365 is affordable as it provides a basic plan at $6 per month per user.
  7. Ruthless Coordination with Identified tools: Office 365 comes with all the familiar tools like Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Publisher. If you take higher subscription of Office 365, then you can get more advanced features like synchronization of files, broadcasting PowerPoint presentations and access online document library.
  8. Collaboration: Microsoft Office 365 allows you to do collaboration inside and outside your organization. You can share files or documents to anyone by creating a password-protected portal. You can also send invites or instant messages to anyone.
  9. Transforms you into Professional: When you are using the advanced features of Microsoft Office 365, it shows that you are serious about your business and customers. The cost-efficient services allow you to set apart from those organizations, which are still using free services. It helps you to enhance your branding and gives you a professional identity.
  10. Money Back Guarantee: It not only works as a safeguard of your data but also has various data centers which ensure your data recovery capabilities and privacy. There is a number of high-availability safeguard like servers, power systems, monitoring that provide you with a money-back guarantee.

These are the top benefits of Microsoft Office 365. Now you can easily understand the importance of Microsoft Office 365 in your business. You can also contact Microsoft Office 365 Customer Service for more details.



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