Methods to Restore the Run-time Errors of Norton Mobile Security on Android 6.0

Methods to Restore the Run-time Errors of Norton Mobile Security on Android 6.0In the running world, it is necessary to keep your data with you every time. You don’t know what data you need in your next hour. For this purpose, the most favorite and handy gadget is mobile phones. Android phones are the most common mobile device for people. You can keep your large amount of data in this small device. Now, you don’t have to carry data in flash drive. You don’t even have to carry your laptops for every work. Just an Android device can handle your work.

With the growth of Android devices, security becomes a major concern in mobile devices. If you are keeping your personal data and details in your mobile phone then protecting your Android device from all threats is necessary. You should always protect your Android device with a good antivirus software program. When we talk about antivirus then Norton is the obvious choice. Norton offers a plan which is specially designed for your Android device known as Norton Mobile Security. The services and features of this suite are specifically constructed for the Android platform.

If you want to keep your Android device safe from malware, hackers, and online threats then get Norton Mobile Security immediately in your phone. You have to install and activate the for using the legitimate product. The Norton Product Key will provide a genuine Norton Mobile Security product to you.

Many Android 6.0 users reported that they are getting various troubles while executing Norton Mobile Security on Google Chrome browser. All these run-time errors in Android 6.0 devices are occurring due to updating issues. You will get an error message on your device:

“Unfortunately, Your Norton Mobile Security Web Protection has been stopped”

Here are the steps for fixing Android 6.0 Norton Mobile Security Web Protection run-time error in Chrome web-browser:

  1. Open your Android device
  2. Go to your “Google Play Store”
  3. Choose Norton Mobile Security application
  4. Now, click on the update button
  5. Wait for updating completely

Your run-time error will easily get fixed after updating Norton Mobile Security Web Protection. If you are still getting the same error then you should go for technical help.

Top features of Norton Mobile Security:

Perfect malware detection rate: The most vital feature of any antivirus is the malware detection rate. The malware detection rate of Norton Mobile Security is 100%. This antivirus detects the malware and removes it permanently from your device. When you install Norton Mobile Security in your phone, it will scan your device and remove all the existing viruses and other threats from the device.

Scanning before installation: This is the most exclusionary feature of this antivirus which scans the application before installing it in your device. If the application is carrying any harmful threats, it will secure your device from those threats.

Anti-theft feature: Anti-theft feature of Norton Antivirus Mobile Security protects your phone from thieves who are keeping their eyes on your device. With the help of the anti-theft feature, you easily track your device. You can also lock your device and remove your data remotely with this feature.

Norton Mobile Security offers various top features such as extensive web security, app lock and many more for keeping your device safe and sound.


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