How to use & stop AVG antivirus command line scan?
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How to use & stop AVG antivirus command line scan?

How to use & stop AVG antivirus command line scan?

Learn the theory to use & stop AVG antivirus command line via tech support:

AVG command line scanning granted users to run anti-virus scans straightly from the command prompt or customized scripts. Command line scan in projects most of the features available in the graphical interface. The industry is headed in the field of designing and development of the products in the marketplace along with activate AVG license number and support where you can ask anything subjected to antivirus.

The company has been launched many antiviruses and all are very enhancing that no one will need to ask how to install AVG antivirus in several windows. AVG technologies presented us its one of the most required products AVG antivirus for almost all the operating systems. Seeing the continual cyber frauds every day it becomes a very inevitable point of concern to have proper protection.


Steps to be followed:


  • First of all, select the AVG scan for one either for windows 32 bit or 64 bit.


  • Enter the command prompt then after.


  • Click on the window start and then run the program.


  • Now type CMD and press enter.


  • Your AVG installation directory is usually C: Program FilesAVGAVG8.


  • The mandatory parameter is /SCAN to specify which area of the computer should be scanned.


  • To begin the scan press enter and during scanning, you can stop the process by Ctrl+C or Ctrl+pause.


This way you can make AVG antivirus functional Business Management Articles, please follow the steps and get rid of AVG antivirus issues.


Why do you need to choose our AVG Antivirus customer support?


Being a new user if anyone is in meanwhile of installing the product and you are confused in certain terms then you can directly contact on AVG Antivirus tech support at any point of time. Microsoft eventually launches its new window updates and its series for which the products are also variable along with them. Our techies take instant action whenever they get any call for support.

Our technical support team highly experiences that they are able to vanish all the problems over the phone only. AVG technology is very reputed industry dealing since about two couple of decade and similarly, many of us are very much aware of that product and their facilities.

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