Some Norton Issues That User Faces on Windows 10
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Some Norton Issues That User Faces on Windows 10

Some Norton Issues That User Faces on Windows 10

Some Norton Issues That User Faces on Windows 10

Norton asserts their antivirus program is completely Appropriate for Windows-10, besides Windows-10 build. But regardless of this, you can find many complications and errors a user may face when using this app on Windows 10. Within this report we’re likely to discuss major conditions this you may strike. Pros that will work at any hour in Norton Service Number UK have united up the difficulties using their solution within this section to get things easier for the user.

Problem 1: Cannot Open Norton following Windows-10 update


  • Download Remove and Reinstall instrument out of Norton’s very own Internet site and store file to the desktop computer.
  • Click Remove & Reinstall and select Continue.
  • Then to complete the uninstallation, click Restart Now.
  • After the restart, then follow the onscreen prompts to reinstall your merchandise.


Problem 2: Installation Error 8504, 104


  • Already with no additional security package set up on your PC. To fix the issue, to begin with, you ought to conduct the Norton Remove and reinstall issue; this is going to uninstall any old version of Norton. Next, follow the specified steps to uninstall some other security package:
  • Open your own system Control Panel and click on Uninstall/Remove to delete any non-Symantec security merchandise.
  • When it will not work subsequently upgrade your video picture driver. You can get support from technicians to exactly the same from dialing Norton Contact Number UK.

Problem 3: Cannot Find Norton following Windows-10 update


  • Download the Norton Repair tool and simply click the .exe file.
  • Now pick Run as administrator
  • On the following window click next and then follow the onscreen Wizard to begin the upgrade.
  • 3048, 3 whereas the Most Recent Norton upgrade has not been downloaded


Problem 3: Can’t Find Norton after Windows 10 upgrade


  • Open Norton anti-virus and proceed to Security, subsequently Live Update.
  • Allow upgrade procedure gets completed and click on the Okay button.
  • Currently Run Live Update, before you visit “Your Norton merchandise has the most recent security updates”.
  • From then on, restart your PC.
  • Notice: If that does not solve the problem then utilize Norton Eliminate and remove application to the exact same.
  • Encountering the mistake code 8506,421 along with 3039, 65559


Problem 4: Error code 3048, 3 while the Latest Norton update hasn’t been downloaded


  • To solve these error codes, so you need to first restart your PC. If this will not fix the matter then attempt using Norton Remove and reinstall tool to correct the matter. In the event of the problem continues then follow the instructions
  • Click Yes/Continue.
  • Currently in Norton Power eraser window, then click Side Application scan.
  • Click Uninstall and then follow the onscreen Guidelines and eventually restart your own computer to finish the procedure.
  • Error message “Install and upgrade variant of Norton merchandise for the Windows 10′


Problem 5: Encountering the error code 8506,421 and 3039, 65559


  • Download Norton Power Eraser and double click the NPE.exe file.
  • Click Yes/Continue.
  • Then accept the license agreement to continue.
  • Now in Norton Power eraser window, click unwanted application scan.
  • Then click Uninstall and follow the on-screen instructions and finally restart your computer to complete the process

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