Does antivirus only protect from viruses?
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Does antivirus only protect from viruses?

Does antivirus only protect from viruses?

Does antivirus only protect from viruses?

Antivirus is a software program that is designed for protecting the device from virus infection. In earlier days, viruses were the only threat to a device. With the advancement of technology; threats get multiple faces such as Trojans, spyware, bots, adware, rootkits, etc. Now, we need that type of security that can protect our device and network from these kinds of threats, these threats together known as “malware”.

Many security software companies have successfully upgraded their anti-virus programs. Most of the anti-virus programs are giving you numerous other features for protecting your device. Virus upgraded to malware so anti-virus upgraded to anti-malware. But the term anti-malware rarely used by anyone.


Today, most of the security software programs are actually anti-malware which gets named under anti-virus. www TrendMicro Bestbuypc gives you plentiful features for safeguarding your device such as best virus security, anti-spam, two-way firewall, home network protection, protection against rootkits, keylogger protection, etc.

Today every antivirus program comes with lots of features that provide protection against viruses, malware, and other threats. Before buying anti-malware; you should check the given features. Some features which are vital for best device security are:

Complete malware detection and removal

If you are spending your money on buying an antivirus then malware removal should be the first thing you should check. Check the malware detection rate. Your antivirus should provide you protection from all kinds of malware such as virus, rootkit, adware, spyware, Trojans, etc.


Good system maintenance

Along with malware protection; your anti-malware should provide good PC maintenance which means the impact of the software should be less, it should speed up the performance. It should provide good data security.


Personal firewall

Every device has its own firewall but it can’t protect you from every threat. Antivirus should provide a powerful firewall that can monitor your incoming and outgoing data, and alerts you when detect any suspicious activity.


Virtual Sandbox

Virtual Sandbox is used for removing malware in a secure environment. Say, you want to check the data stored in a flash drive that it is malicious or not. You can check the flash drive data in the sandbox without harming other drives of your system.


Identity protection

Identity-theft is becoming one of the most common cyber crimes these days. Criminal minds steal your data from your device and from your social networking profile can misuse it. They can use this information for draining your bank account or can sell your information to advertising companies. Your antivirus should provide you safety from all kinds of identity theft and should secure your device as well as online data.


Data Backup

Good antivirus programs can create a backup for your important data. So if your data get deleted or corrupted; you can restore it easily.


Email protection

Email is a potential technique for spreading malware. Antivirus provides an anti-spam feature that checks all the attachments. If the attachment seems malicious; it removes it immediately.


Parental control

Parental control feature helps you to pick or block the websites for your kids. You can also set a time frame for the children for using the internet.

Some other additional features you should check while choosing antivirus are social media protection, safe browser, password manager, junk clean, etc.






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