Things you should consider while buying an antivirus
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Things you should consider while buying an antivirus

Things you should consider while buying an antivirus

Things you should consider while buying an antivirus

Whenever you think about device security; installing a good antivirus is the first thing that stuck in everyone’s mind. Antivirus acts as a first line defense for keeping malware and other threats away from your device. But how to decide which one is perfect for your device? Here are some things which you should consider before buying an antivirus program:



If you are going to buy something then deciding your budget is very obvious. There are large varieties of antivirus programs are available in the market from freeware to hundreds of dollars. Using freeware can be risky because those products can be sketchy and unreliable. But it’s not always necessary that all expensive antivirus programs give you the best security. You should choose antivirus according to your requirements and budget. norton com/setup gives you the best security at very good prices. Firstly decide how much money you can spend on buying antivirus and then look for antivirus within your budget.



Not all antivirus programs run on every device. Some antivirus works on Windows, some not. Some antivirus is compatible with desktop PC and laptops but not with mobile devices. Today many antivirus plans which can protect your multiple devices simultaneously. You can protect your Windows home desktop, your MacBook and your Android device together with just one antivirus.


Malware protection

Malware such as harmful viruses, Trojans, spyware, etc are the major threats to your device and data. Always check the malware detection and removal rate of your antivirus. Check whether the antivirus can detect new threats or not. It should give you protection from ransomware, and all other major threats.


Email protection

Email and spam messages are very potential techniques for spreading malware infection in your device. Cybercriminals send an email that looks perfectly authentic with some malicious attachments. When you open the attachment; your device gets infected with that malware. So whenever you are buying an antivirus; make sure it protects your emails.


Downloads protection

During net surfing; we download various applications, images, files, etc. We click on various ads and various pop-ups. These downloads may carry spyware and other malware. Good antivirus provides protection while downloading any file. While you start downloading any file; the antivirus checks the file and alerts you if find any suspicious behavior.


System impact and speed

Any software has some system impact. The software impacts the loading speed, internet speed, as well as OS speed. You should use an antivirus which has a minimum system impact. Your antivirus should speed-up your device. It should provide you good scanning speed. Good malware detection and detection speed.


Privacy policies

Like other software, many antivirus programs can share your information. Always read the policy page before installing any software program in your system. If you don’t want to share your information, pick the antivirus accordingly.


Free trial

Most of the antivirus progra1ms are providing you a free trial. You can use the antivirus for about 15 days or one month and can access all its features. Check the service whether they are worth or cost or not. If yes, you can buy the subscription and if not then you can uninstall it.


Ease of use

Your antivirus should have an easy interface to work. The features should be clear. People with no technical background can have issues in using a complex interface.


Some other features you should check while buying an antivirus are real-time information, payment terms, etc.


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