Best Free Tools That Keep Your Windows PC Clean

Standard usage of the internet invariably clutters up the machine with undesirable files. The temporary internet files and cookies need clearing up in regular intervals to ensure the proper functioning of your system. Cluttering can lower the rate of your PC. Additionally, tracking cookies can garner harmful elements like malware and spyware to leave your PC permanently useless.

This guide will lead you concerning the five finest resources you can use to keep your system clean from the unnecessary accumulation of junk. Read on to learn more:


This instrument has received rave reviews for its plethora of customization features and the capacity to clean the registry. It’s probably the most trusted third party registry cleaner. Users are advised to keep a backup when prompted by this tool. CCleaner provides you another attribute known as the’uninstaller’ that you can use for a wide assortment of tasks. This attribute can be found from the tools folder.

This software makes it possible for users to elect for a vast range of shortcuts from desktop to start menu shortcuts. If you would like to run it, simply right click the recycle bin icon and then choose the open CCleaner’.

This is a good tool that you can use to wipe data off from the Windows Temp directory. You can even use it to clear the Current Users Temp directory along with All Windows users’ Temp directories.

After you have downloaded the program, you will require right-clicking on it and choosing the Open Containing Folder’ option. You are also advised to store the application in a folder named’PRO TOOLS’ after installing, for future usage.

TFC Cleaner

The TFC cleaner is an effective tool for scrubbing off temporary internet files and cache for the different user account on Windows. Many times, there’s a possibility your temporary internet files folder has accumulated all the junk items. To have them all cleared, you can download the TFC cleaner on the world wide web. Install the application after downloading which would not take over a few seconds. You can now begin utilizing TFC Cleaner.


It happens often that the cookies saved on your system are tracking spyware. In such cases, the SuperAntiSpyware tool comes useful. Since you can gauge from the title, it helps in cleaning up spyware from the computer system. The performance of your PC can be bogged down to a fantastic extent by spyware and biscuits. If you have an antivirus installed, then you can choose the free version of the software. With this tool, it is possible to opt for two options for scanning the machine – Quick scan and Complete System Scan.


This is another malware remover program with which you can put on a lot. It’s quite useful when you require remove malwarebytes mac. This instrument also comes at no cost and professional variants but it not only for routing scan though. You’re advised to update the virus definitions periodically as conducting a scan with outdated definitions will not have much of an impact on the system.

It is crucial to keep your computer clean and ensure its smooth functioning constantly. The application discussed in this guide can help you do that. You can choose between the free and paid versions of the programs following your requirements.

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